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Airush Kiteboarding is kiteboarding - By Innovators, For Innovators.

About Airush

Airush Kiteboarding is a design and rider driven Kiteboarding brand based in Cape Town, South Africa. Airush was established in the late ’90s, in response to the demand for innovation in kiteboarding equipment. Developed and tested by some of the earliest innovators in the sport, the brand has always been on the cutting edge of product design and riding.

Headed by South African Brand and Design Director Clinton Filen, from their Cape Town HQ, where the legendary conditions create the perfect test ground for Kiteboarding equipment. Airush is part of the Starboard Group, with Norwegian windsurfing world champion, Svein Rasmussen serving as Group CEO. With active distribution in over 60 countries and one of the leading international teams in the sport, this collective of designers and athletes has grown Airush to one of the most innovative brands in kiteboarding.

Technology – Drive Innovation:

Our primary objective has always been one of innovation. We work relentlessly to bring something new to the market, in every category, that solves a problem or creates a new opportunity. Innovation is not only about engineering. It’s also about riding and imagining how people might want to ride in the future. Creating art and product that is as beautiful as it is functional.

It’s about delivering a bit more than you expected, as we take pleasure in the details. It’s about making things more functional and durable, creating stoke and having as much fun as possible, whilst working to build the most innovative brand on the planet.

Durability – Lasting Quality:

Our commitment to durability is evident in the innovations we’ve brought to market. We were the first company to offer a two-year breakage warranty on our twintips, we developed both the lightest and strongest surfboard on the market with our Active Construction, and we created the Dyneema Load Frame, which has essentially doubled the lifespan of our kites.

Our commitment to developing the most durable products on the market is ongoing.

We want to build premium products that give you the best riding experience and understand that when you invest in something good, you want it to last. In a combined effort to reduce our environmental impact, our aim is to make everything last twice as long.

Sustainability – Environmental Innovation:

As a group of avid wind, wave and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s obvious that we cannot take so much pleasure from nature without contributing towards its sustainability.

We set out to continually reduce the harm we do as a company, to share what we have learned, and to inspire others within our industry to do the same. We see this as another step in our pursuit to be the most innovative company in kiteboarding, implementing our innovative mindset beyond simply making incredible products. Along with our sister company, Starboard, our current objective is to become extremely carbon positive and radically reduce our use of plastics and harmful materials. Ultimately, our aim is to contribute towards making wind and water sports companies one of the leading environmental industries in the world. We think of it as environmental innovation.

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