Blue Palawan Kite Park

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Blue Palawan Kite Park
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philippines, Asia

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About Blue Palawan Kite Park

The Blue Palawan Kite Park is located in front of the Palawan Seaview Resort and the Blue Palawan Beach Club. The park-/spot has consistent 15-20 knots (NE) Amihan (Trade wind) – nestled in a mangrove sanctuary, hence are seabed is a combination of soft sand and mud. Water is warm but wearing thin lycra with leggings is suggested to protect you from strong sunshine and seagrass. Relatively shallow (tide dependent consistent of ankle-high – chest high) which makes it easy for beginners to learn and progress. The lagoon stretches out for 1kilometer from the shore providing space to go around and progress in freestyle.

Blue Kiteboard Center

The Blue Kiteboarding Center is a fully equipped kiteboarding resort with level 2 IKO licensed kiteboarding instructors (water), beach boys to aid clients on the launch spot, a dry area to store and pack equipment. Gear rental is also available for experienced kiters.

Terrain Park

Our spot houses Asia’s first world-class kiteboarding terrain park with 3 features (kicker, rooftop and funbox), a perfect training spot for wakestyle riders and those who want to learn how to hit features.

Wind direction change

In an event that the wind direction changes to straight North/Northwest/South there are other spots where advanced riders can enjoy waves, unchartered beaches, small islands and sand bars with the aid of our blueXpeditions team to guide you through these kite adventures around Palawan.