Sælvig Bugt
Location Information
Address (open map)
Havvejen 191
8305 Samsø
denmark, Europe

  • SW
  • W
  • NW
Riding dir.
  • Onshore
  • Side Onshore

About Sælvig Bugt

Samsø has one kitespot, Sælvig Bugt (Saelvig Bay), however, even though there only is “one kitesurfing spot” at Samsø, the spot is actually a 10-kilometers long beach stretching from Maarup Harbor (Mårup Havn) in the north to Saelvig in the south with parking options in multiple places. For most parts of the 10 kilometers stretch of Sælvig Bugt, the water level is waist-deep for approximately 100m out from the beach, and kite-rigging- and launching conditions are usually good.


The wind blows stable from the west.


The water is waist-deep for the 100 meters out from the beach.

Rig & Launch
Kite-rigging and launch conditions are good.

The Sælvig kitespot is located on the Danish island of Samsø. The only local public transportation is busses. The kitespot stretches along the main road of Samsø (Havvejen) so public transportation with busses (the Samsø Bus) to the kitespot should be available. Please refer to the local bus-/transportation information found at: samsoebus.dk.