Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is considered part of the North American continent, and it is among the most visited nations in the Caribbean. Some of the famous and popular attractions include golf courses, the sandy beaches, and the tropical climate. The country is located on the Caribbean Hispaniola Island is also known as Española. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Haiti, and the Mona Passage. The Dominican Republic is almost twice the size of the US state of New Hampshire.

Geographic Location

The country covers approximately two-thirds of the whole of Hispaniola Island which makes it the second largest country by size in the whole of the Caribbean after Cuba. Part of the republic’s territory includes the islands of Catalina, Beata, Saona, Catalinita, and Alto Velo which are all located in the Caribbean Sea. There are some islets and cays in the Atlantic Ocean also belonging to the Dominican Republic. The Atlantic Ocean forms the northern border of the country while the Caribbean Sea borders it to the South. The country shares its western border with Haiti. The Mona Passage separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico with a distance of about 237 miles.



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