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05.12.2022 - 11:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8735

Kitesurfing the Bedsheets! Brazil Ep. 6

Hannah and Zara’s adventures continue, and this time, they’ve conjured by wind and water; a magical landscape on the northeastern coast of Brazil is no mirage. Seen from the ...
05.12.2022 - 01:08 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8733

Proximity flight by kite around the sticks of a skislope / snowkite

Felix Kersten takes us on a ride… The post Proximity flight by kite around the sticks of a skislope / snowkite first appeared on IKSURFMAG.
04.12.2022 - 19:13 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8729

Dynea Tex

Designed without compromise, Dynea Tex is a highly specialised fabric. Inflatable kites made with this material are 32x stronger, 30% lighter, stiffer, and more precise than those made with ...
04.12.2022 - 19:13 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8731

F-ONE | Tell Me About the SHADOW

Following our previous video, Mitu explains F-ONE’s Shadow and tells us all about the shape and features of this board and when he likes to use it. The post ...
04.12.2022 - 15:09 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8727

F-ONE | Shadow – Kite Collection 2022

Some of our favourite F-ONE strapless riders, including; Mitu Monteiro, Hendrick Lopes, and Marcela Witt, show us there’s no wave the Shadow can’t handle! The SHADOW’s hull design and ...
04.12.2022 - 11:08 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8725

KOTA – King of the Air 2022 Wrap Up – Jeremy Burlando

It’s a goodie! King Of The Air (KOTA) marked its 10th anniversary last Saturday, November 26th,, with gusts exceeding 50 knots, the strongest winds recorded in KOTA’s history. Here’s ...
03.12.2022 - 17:08 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8723

F-ONE l Dakhla Strapless Sessions

Right after the GKA event, Marcela Witt, Hendrick Lopes & Matt Maxwell headed to a local right-hand break near Dakhla to kite. Nothing beats a kite trip with friends ...
03.12.2022 - 11:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8721


Watch this half an hour action-packed movie this morning! Even though Knot Future’s first trip to shoot for a full-length film did not turn out exactly as planned, the ...
03.12.2022 - 07:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8719

Redbull king of the air 2022 recap

Stig Hoefnagel shares his 2022 Red Bull King of the Air journey with us! The post Redbull king of the air 2022 recap first appeared on IKSURFMAG.
02.12.2022 - 13:12 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8713

Jack Rieder | Freestyle Kiteboarding.

Jack was asked, “How would you define freestyle?” by Airush Kiteboarding. Does it mean pushing yourself to the limit, being able to express yourself freely, or possessing a crazy ...
02.12.2022 - 13:12 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8715

Return to Sender. Namibia 2022

We knew ‘Return to Sender was in the works, and we could not wait to see it. Needless to say, it was well worth the wait. 11 minutes of ...
01.12.2022 - 13:08 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8709

Is this the end of my competition career?! KEVVLOG #13

Kevin Langeree’s 10th King of the Air was a rollercoaster ride! For him, keeping up with riders half his age motivates him, and he also takes pride in seeing ...
01.12.2022 - 11:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8707

Cabrinha Welcomes a King – Lorenzo Casati

There is no doubt you watched the whole thing or highlights from one of the most epic Red Bull King of The Air competitions in kiteboarding history. The event ...
01.12.2022 - 09:08 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8705

MY DREAM CAME TRUE -World of Loren- Episode 4

Go behind the scenes on the king himself’s journey to victory – This is Red Bull’s 2022 King of the Air, Lorenzo Casati! The post MY DREAM CAME TRUE ...
30.11.2022 - 17:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8703


It’s that time of year again and Laurent Guyot is back at his favourite playground! Looking forward to seeing his videos this season! The post SNOWKITE 25 NOVEMBER 2022 ...
30.11.2022 - 11:11 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8701

WINNING THE RED BULL KING OF THE AIR 2022 -World of Loren- Episode 3

It’s time to hear it from the king. Lorenzo Casati has just released World of Loren- Episode 3 – 11 minutes of pure stoke. The post WINNING THE RED ...
30.11.2022 - 05:11 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8699

13,5m In 25-30kts + How To Kitesurf Overpowered

In Ben Beholz’s latest Freistiel vlog, he starts the day with a foil session, then a wingsurfing session, and a freestyle session before hitting the road to head home! ...
30.11.2022 - 01:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8697

Cabrinha Macro Air | Inflatable Wing Foil board Review

In this vlog, Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour review Cabrinha’s inflatable wing board, the Macro Air. “This is a great board for learning and progressing, perfect for cruising ...
29.11.2022 - 13:09 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8689

Mauritius, Anse la Raie, Kite & Wing Paradise, pisode 27

Charlotte Consorti just returned from an insane trip to Mauritius – in episode 27 they discover the Northern part of Mauritius, which has great kitesurfing and wingfoiling conditions – ...
The Kitemag 2403
29.11.2022 - 13:09 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8693

The post appeared first on TheKiteMag.
29.11.2022 - 13:09 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8691

Copa Kitley GKA Hydrofoil-Freestyle World Cup Brazil 2022 | Day Five Highlights

On the final day of the Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf and Hydrofoil-Freestyle World Cup combo event, it was time to get the big air party started with the foiler ...
29.11.2022 - 05:07 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8685

F-ONE | Sail engineering – Mission

F-ONE’s objective is to maintain the kite’s shape and behaviour while flying by mastering the load tensions and providing their customers with the most intuitive ride. We think, you ...
29.11.2022 - 05:07 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8687

Women’s Final – Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cups Brazil 2022 | Day four Highlights

What an event! After three weeks of pumping winds in Taiba for both the GKA Kite World Tour Freestyle riders and the GWA Wingfoil World Tour competitors, the day ...
SurferToday 2517
28.11.2022 - 13:10 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8683

Lorenzo Casati conquers 2022 Red Bull King of the Air

Lorenzo Casati has taken out the 2022 Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa. The Italian kitesurfer beat his fellow countryman Andrea Principi and Dutch sensation ...
28.11.2022 - 05:07 GMT+0100 Old
ID: 8681

KOTA IS ON – World of Loren- Episode 2

Watch World of Loren- Episode 2 to find out how our new King spent the day leading up to the 2022 Red Bull King of the Air! The post ...

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