Tales of a South Island
During a photo shoot, the Duotone Kiteboarding team met two local kiteboarders from New Zealand, who invited the Duotone team along to discover some of the most remote kitespots in New Zealand.

Coincidences often create the most exciting encounters. During a past photoshoot, the duotone team met two passionate kiteboarders from New Zealand: Shane Mcaulay and his dad Ron. The two natives invited the Duotone team to come to visit them whenever they wanted to discover the most remote spots of the country, which can only be reached by bush plane. So when the wind forecast was promising, the duotone crew took their chance. Insights of photographer toby Bromwich from an extraordinary trip to some of the most beautiful kite spots there are.

Log 1
Did a recon flight with our host Shane today before everyone arrives. We flew to different spots and stopped at each one. We even kited one for 30 mins. That night I drove over the mountain to collect tom Hebert from Queenstown.

Log 2
Saturday morning Tom and I got everything ready for the arrival of Chris and Reno. We took first shots of the boys’ arrival from Queenstown and Wanaka as they landed into Shane’s garden. In the afternoon we flew out and shot the first location on the west coast, the wind was relatively light, but we got some excellent pictures. Came back and had dinner with Shane and his family at their hanger/house.

Log 3
We started early today, rigging GoPros on the plane before flying to a braided river location – epic scenery and background. It was freezing with rain showers, but the boys kept at it, and we also did some downwind shots through the river. That evening we flew 5 mins more up to the river and stayed at the overnight hut. Shane flew home to get us supplies and sleeping bags for the night.

Log 4
More rain. Too much to fly actually, so we drove one hour with the boat to check locations. It was freezing, rainy, and light wind, but we got an excellent short session in overcast conditions. Then went home and afterward, I drove Tom to get his flight. We found out 2 hours after I had dropped him that the weather was too bad for him to fly home.

Log 5
We woke up to blue skies, so we left at 6.30 am to do tracking shots of the plane – vast skies and backdrops. When we landed, Tom had arrived back from his missed flight, so we packed up and flew over to the west coast to a beautiful spot. The west coast is more tropical feel with green background and less snow. That day we had perfect conditions with the sun out most of the time and good strong wind.

Log 6
Today we checked out and drove all together to the airport. Chris and I both have shot a lot of footage … I shot almost a card on just the way to the spots each day. It’s been a fantastic trip. Shane and his dad were so generous with everything – best hosts we could have wished for.

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