Gijs Wassenaar joins Airush Kiteboarding
Dutch kiteboarder, Gijs Wassenaar is joining the International Airush Kiteboarding Team. Airush caught up with Gijs, to talk about what Airush gear Gijs is riding, what drives him and ambitions.

Airush Kiteboarding welcomes Dutch kiteboarder, Gijs Wassenaar to the International Airush Kiteboarding team. Airush: “after achieving great heights; We are amped to see how high he can fly with fresh gear and a world of opportunities, we’re stoked to have him on board!” Airush caught up with Gijs to find out a bit more about why he likes big air so much.

Q: For all of those who barely leave the ground, what does it feel like, to jump so high?
Gijs: Imagine losing all sound of the wind at the moment you leave the water, the overview of the spot and being able to enjoy the speed with the control you have in the air and landing fast and get ready for the next one!

Q: What’s your favorite Big Air spot?
Gijs: Blouberg on a quiet day, but still my hometown in the Netherlands when an Autumn storm comes close!

Q: You have jumped 29.6m high at Misty Cliffs, what is your highest jump on flat water?
Gijs: I think it has been around 21meters, most of the times there is a storm – I aim for a place with some solid waves to launch myself off.

Q: You have recently started riding the Airush Union, what are your first impressions and do you think that it will push you to go higher?
Gijs: It’s a great kite with a direct feeling, I haven’t been able to ride it in real proper conditions yet, but I already feel there is significant potential in it!

Q: What’s your go-to board in the Airush range?
I’ll be riding the Airush Apex for this year. I have always liked boards with a bit more rocker and stiff, for great pop and sweet landings.

Q: What draws you to Big Air?
Gijs: The feeling of flying, pushing limits, adrenaline-addicted, and the speed just before you land is sweet.

Best results?

  • 4th Place RedBull Megaloop Challenge
  • Woo WR December 2018 – 29,6m
  • 7th Red Bull King of The Air
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