Ocean Rodeo introduces "Aluula" to replace dacron in kite-manufacturing
Ocean Rodeo introduces "Aluula" - a new stronger, more durable and more lightweight material to replace "dacron" in kite-manufacturing.

For the last twenty years, the kitesurfing industry has been using dacron for the canopy material and polyurethane-/polyethylene for the blatter material. Kite designs- and constructions have for the last two decades continuously improved in quality and performance – except when it comes to what materials are being used for the manufacturing of the kites (for the most part).

Is Aluula is about to replace dacron?

At a presentation held at the GKA World Cup Sylt – Ocean Rodeo revealed a new material for constructing both canopy and blatter – “Aluula”. According to Ocean Rodeo – studies show that the Aluula material is ten times stronger/more durable than dacron, double as stiff as dacron – whilst only weighing half the weight of dacron. Kites with the new Aluula material will be available on 2020 Ocean Rodeo kites.

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