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Ben Wilson is a big-wave kitesurfer and the co-founder of BWSURF. Ben Wilson is now sharing his skills through a range of elite instructional programs. Whether you’re after the trip of a lifetime or your very own private tuition, ben will push you to new heights. Having taught over 5,000 kiters during his 10years as an instructor, ben has a coaching package to help progress your riding, no matter your level. Join a Kite Week in Fiji or Mexico. Whatever your preference, ben can help you reach your kiting potential!

Kitesurfing the largest wave ever

A pioneer of the sport, ben was one of the first to use a surfboard in harmony with a kite and he continues to drive the sport in new directions. In 2011, Ben broke a world record, riding the largest wave ever kitesurfed at Cloudbreak, Fiji. He continues to chase big swells and believes that the largest waves can only be ridden with a kite. For Ben, kitesurfing is the ultimate extension of surfing, providing the opportunity to enjoy even blown out onshore conditions.