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CORE’s 720 III is their top-selling surfboard, now revamped with major upgrades in weight and shape details. Iterative adjustments have resulted in a thinner, lighter board with a notably flat deck. The end result is an advanced, top-of-the-line freestyle surfboard. Click here to find out more about CORE’s 720 III. The post 720 III – STRAPLESS FREESTYLE ELEVATED TO PERFECTION first appeared on IKSURFMAG.


CORE just released four brand new boards: seamlessly blending timeless classics with cutting-edge modern designs, specifically developed according to their disciplines and requirements, hand-shaped with the utmost care using meticulously tuned materials! Four? You read that right. Why? We’ve grown. With the compact Badger in fish outline, even small wind waves can be wonderfully smashed, […] The post CORE – THE NEW SURFBOARD LINE-UP first appeared on IKSURFMAG.


Evan Klijn is keeping busy… from changing brands to chasing magical gusts in Tarifa… Did he break a record? Did he score the 1-minute airtime he was aiming for? You’ll have to watch this to find out! The post I QUIT… first appeared on IKSURFMAG.

Volt SLS 2024 – Product Clip

Duotone’s Volt SLS 2024 has arrived! Made in Italy, the Volt SLS is our first Concept Blue surfboard! The goal was to reduce the impact of the board on the planet and the oceans we enjoy. A Zero Impact Core, Bio Resin, Cork Stringers and Basalt Fibre are used instead of more traditional materials. Basalt […] The post Volt SLS 2024 – Product Clip first appeared on IKSURFMAG.

We Scored Big Waves And 30+ Knots

Ben Beholz and the crew explore Sardinia in his latest vlog! The post We Scored Big Waves And 30+ Knots first appeared on IKSURFMAG.

Day One Woo Worlds | Cold Hawaii? | The Megapod

  The Shitmunks wake to bad news as the Flying Kiwis have laid down some impressive scores. 16-year-old Hugh Wigglesworth led the flying Kiwis with a 35.5m jump and Jason Montreal with a 31.9m effort. They now lead Team Max Height and Team Total Height.   https://wooworlds.com   Check out PortraitKite:   http://portraitkite.com   Woo Sports have also improved shipping rates – US now shipping free over $150 and Canada / South Africa shipping free over $200   https://woosports.com   North Kiteboarding:   https://www.northkb.com/en/   Email us:   [email protected]   Follow us:   https://www.instagram.com/colin_colin_carroll/   https://www.instagram.com/kitesurf365/  

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Løkken Mole (Løkken Pier) is a kitespot located in the north-western part of Denmark.