# ontheloose

On The Loose – Episode 9

In this episode of “On the Loose,” Aaron ventures back to Australia for a fun competition with some big kickers and sick rails.

On The Loose – Episode 8

In the eighth episode of “On the Loose,” Ruben Lenten ventures over to Morocco for a photoshoot where he meets up with Bruna Kajiya.

On The Loose – Episode 7

The boys are still in Norway and It’s the moment Aaron Hadow and Ruben Lenten have been waiting for, race day of Red Bull Ragnarok

On The Loose – Episode 6

Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten are living life in Oslo, Norway where they meet up with snowkite world champion, Remi Meum.

On The Loose – Episode 5

With Ruben Lenten in rehab, Aaron Hadlow has to make a solo trip over to the Dominican Republic, meeting up with his old friend Susi Mai.

On The Loose – Episode 4

In this episode, Ruben Lenten gets some bad news as he learns his ankle will need to be surgically repaired before he can ride again.

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